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Ordering Genetic Hearing Loss Testing

Ordering Genetic Renal Panel Testing

Ordering Complement Functional Testing

OtoSCOPE provides comprehensive genetic testing for all genes implicated in non-syndromic hearing loss and many types of syndromic hearing loss. An Usher Syndrome Panel is also available. The Genetic Renal Panel tests for genetic causes of TMA (aHUS and TTP) and C3G (DDD and C3GN). The Panel includes analysis for complex genomic rearrangements of the CFHR region. Comprehensive complement testing includes quantitating complement proteins and their cleavage products, measuring complement activity, and screening for autoantibodies.

What does it mean to get your testing done at the MORL?

  • Your results are discussed at a multidisciplinary meeting.
  • Your testing is performed in the Clinical Division of the MORL by scientists who lead the world in the human genetics of deafness and complement-mediated renal diseases.
  • Our testing is the most comprehensive clinical testing available.