The Genetic Renal Panel uses the newest DNA sequencing methods. It does not target one gene at a time for genetic screening, which is expensive and time consuming.

Genetic Renal Panel simultaneously screens all genes known to be associated with various TMAs. This comprehensive approach decreases cost and waiting time for test results. The Genetic Renal Panel uses custom-targeted sequence capture for DNA enrichment followed by massively parallel DNA sequencing. In this way, all genes known to be associated with TMAs are sequenced at the same time. Data analysis to identify causative variants is completed using our custom variant pipeline. Variant confirmation by traditional Sanger sequencing is completed as required.

The Genetic Renal Panel has a diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of greater than 99%.

The Genetic Renal Panel results are reviewed at our weekly multidisciplinary Renal Team meeting to ensure optimal genotype-phenotype data interpretation.

Our lab will work directly with your physician or genetic counselor to ensure that test results are interpreted appropriately.