All testing results for your patient (functional, biomarker and genetic) are reviewed at our weekly multidisciplinary Renal Team meeting. At this meeting, a group of physicians, bioinformaticians, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, medical students, medical residents, and scientists discuss and interpret each patient’s results in the context of a wide-array of information including:

  • Clinical information provided by healthcare provider
    • Including diagnosis, hematologic parameters, treatment methods, family history and clinical history
  • Biopsy reports
  • Biomarker results
  • Functional results
  • Genetic findings (NGS and MLPA)

Each variant is discussed in the context of the above information to determine whether it may be contributing as a disease-driver or disease risk-factor. An easy-to-interpret report is then generated that includes both Genetic Renal Panel and MLPA results, which is sent to the healthcare provider within three weeks of the date the sample was received. Additionally, a preliminary report for functional testing including biomarker and functional results is sent within two weeks of the sample received date and a final report will be sent within one month of the sample received date.

This meeting provides the unique opportunity for a team of experts in the field of ultra-rare complement-mediated renal diseases to interpret results accurately and efficiently to help healthcare providers in the clinical setting.  This meeting facilitates the relationship between the healthcare provider and the laboratory.

Finally, this liaison helps research to be translated into results and vice versa. As the only translational research to clinical laboratory, if clinical results do not explain a patient’s disease, a research invitation may be sent to a patient inviting them to participate in research studies designed to understand these ultra-rare renal diseases.

As always, if any questions arise regarding the results provided please reach out to our Clinical Team at or (319)335-6653.