Jori Hendon
Accounts Receivable / Administrative Services Coordinator
Person Type: 

I am the administrative assistant for the Clinical Diagnostics Services (CDS) Division of MORL. I am also responsible for accounts receivable and laboratory supply purchasing.  The work I perform with the  CDS division supports the strategic management and missions of the MORL, which are to provide excellent patient care.  I continue this mission into our Research Division (RD)  as the primary coordinator for the annual C3Glomerulopathy/Dense Deposit Disease (C3G/DDD) Family Conference. 

The MORL, in conjunction with the Kidneeds Foundation and the UIHC Rare Renal Clinic, co-sponsors this annual family meeting for persons with C3Glomerulopathy/Dense Deposit Disease (C3G/DDD).   This conference is attended by over 100 persons with disease and their family members, as well as over 40 UI/UIHC staff members.  Because C3G/DDD is a rare disease, persons come from all over the world to attend.  In 2018, for example, we had participants from five European countries, as well as across the USA.  I work with the Director of the MORL, Directors of Kidneeds, and the Director of the Pediatric Nephrology Division to organize and coordinate hotel accommodations, clinic appointments, meeting itinerary, child care, sample collection, materials, registration, and communications with attendees. This conference has become a passion of mine year-round because it puts faces to the names in the files, thus renewing my drive to do what I can (even though I am not a scientist) to help healthcare providers and the MORL scientists as they work towards a better understanding of each patient's disease.