Updated Testing: Aminoglycoside-Induced Hearing Loss Panel (MT-RNR1 gene)

  • Impact to clinical care:
    • Aminoglycosides are widely used antibiotics known to have side effects including a risk of hearing loss. Individuals carrying one of three high risk variants in MT-RNR1 have an increased risk of aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss.
    • CPIC guideline recommends individuals with the high-risk MT-RNR1 variants should “avoid aminoglycosides unless the high risk of permanent hearing loss is outweighed by the severity of infection and safe or effective alternative therapies are not available”. 
  • The MT-RNR1 gene, including the above risk variants, is included in our OtoSCOPE v9 panel

Methodology: Targeted Sanger sequencing of MT-RNR1 variants: m.1095T>C, m.1494C>T, and m.1555A>G

Turn around time: 3 weeks

Sample types accepted:

  • 3-5cc EDTA whole blood
  • 5 ug DNA, resuspended in at least 50 ul of DNA Elution Buffer
  • Saliva (DNA Genotek, ORAGene Discover, OGR-500)
  • Buccal swabs, at least 4 (DNA Genotek, OraCollect, OCD-100)

Contact MORL for any questions or concerns at MORL@uiowa.edu

Cost: $185

CPT: 81401

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