Nic Meyer
Research Associate (Clinical Functional Renal)
Person Type: 

I hold the title PWHWFRL (Person who has Worked for Richard Longest) and have just crossed the 15th year mark.  As a member of the Clinical Diagnostic Functional Renal Division I have become part vampire and like to bathe in sheep red blood cells as I determine which patients have autoantibodies that stabilize convertase.  With my two trusty 12 channel multi-pipetors in hand, and two water baths at my sides, I am a force to be reckoned with. In my free time I enjoy designing assays to determine copy number variation of genes that could contribute to renal disease, bringing order to chaos, battling frosty -80C's and awarding My Little Pony stickers to labbies who go above and beyond and do something really great. My favorite lab memory was melting the inside of a freezer with my husband's work lamp.