C3G/DDD Family Conference

Mark your calendars for October 15-17, 2020 as we have already started planning for the 15th  DDD/ C3G Family Conference.  We will be back in MERF.  We would love to hear your thoughts on the two day clinic, the Meet the Scientist event, the kids’ room and, as always, we welcome your thoughts topic ideas for the agenda. Once we have rested up from the 2019 conference, we will be ready to hit the ground running for the 2020 conference.  So keep a watch here for more information!

All the best,
Jori Hendon
Molecular Otolaryngology & Renal Research Laboratories
The University of Iowa 
Tel: 319-335-6653



Thursday, October 15, 2020 (All day) to Saturday, October 17, 2020 (All day)


Medical Education Research Facility (MERF)
375 Newton Rd.
Iowa City, IA 52242

Podcasts and Conference Materials

14th C3G Family Conference- Saturday, October 5, 2019
      Here is a playlist of the podcasts ("Ted talks") we recorded
      during the 2019 C3G/DDD Family Conference.
      Please note, we did not record during the breakouts sessions.
      Podcast Playlist

If you have trouble with this playlist I have also uploaded all the sessions into a dropbox folder.

      Here is a link to a dropbox with the handouts from the
      2019 C3G/DDD Family Conference.

Past Conference Podcasts
12th C3G Family Conference- Saturday, October 14, 2017
Morning Session Part 1
Morning Session Part 2
Afternoon Session