Amy Weaver
Project Assistant / Administrative Services Coordinator
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I have a wonderful craft room at home -- it's quiet and peaceful and I can get lost in knitting and crochet.  I love it.  At work, I have a great office with an incredible view -- it's hectic and noisy and I can get lost in all the things that are happening.  But I love it.  I am the glue that holds the MORL together.  I support both arms of MORL: Clinical Diagnostics Services and the Research Division.  I organize weekly Renal Group and Hearing Group Meetings where every patient is discussed and all email inquiries are reviewed.  Oh, I also maintain the website, develop databases, and create organizational infrastructure. I help with grants, IRBs, ACURFs and other regulatory needs.  But to the people outside the MORL, I am the “voice” of the MORL, here to help you.